About us

Our functions as an Occupational Health Service are mainly preventive, related to advising and assisting employers and health and safety groups or committees in planning and organising their activities to: ensure and maintain healthy and safe working conditions; promote the health and performance of workers; adapt work to the capabilities of the worker, taking into account his physical and mental health.

The Occupational Health Service “Ready EHSsp” Ltd. provides a personal consultation for each organisation. This is to assist the employer in implementing preventative approaches to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, as well as introducing the principle of continual improvement in the management of occupational health and safety activities.

We, the team of Occupational Health Service “Ready EHSsp” Ltd. are qualified, dynamic and motivated experts, professionals in what we do.

We guarantee timelines, correctness and flexibility in performing tasks.

The services we provide are affordable, performed on time and of high quality.

Every customer is special to us.

Trust and fair partnership are important!

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